Staff Policy

Политика в области персонала

OBKgroup today is more than 350 highly qualified specialists that are working on the territory of 6 countries. Everyone of us has its own talents, is ambitious, active but we are all united by one matter and desire to be the best.

We build cooperation with the employees following the same rules as while working with our partners and clients and in particular honesty, mutual respect, trust and strict fulfillment of taken obligations…
Everyone who is lucky to be the member of our team will confirm that work in OBKgroup is not only the work in a large company.


Work in OBKgroup is:



We have a good reputation of the market leader that supplies high grade products by world-known brands.



We guarantee high level of payment for labor and observation of all reached agreements that allow the employees and their families to look forward with high degree of confidence.



We take care about professional and personal development of the staff and give equal opportunities for growth and successful movement.



We follow all necessary norms of social safety and offer worthy social package and guarantees.



We take care of comfort and rational arrangement of working places. We pay attention to health and increase of working capacity of the staff.



We develop partnership relations between management and staff preserving high demand to professionalism, responsibility and duty performance.



We highly value the staff, appreciate eagerness and working capacity, individuality, initiative and creativity.



We form good relations between colleagues, single information space and standards, develop corporate culture and traditions.



We are dynamically developing and upgrading using new effective instruments and principles of management not forgetting that the major part of success depends on working staff.



That is why most of our staff has been working in the company for more that 5 years having promoted from ordinary employee to director of the department and top manager. Do you want to be among them?